Please watch this compelling, fast- moving webinar put on by the VIP Clinic of Southern California. This is the first of many gatherings designed to change to how California views and deals with FASD. 

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NOFAS Northern California

Determined for Change

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NOFAS Northern California is working alongside all of the FASD groups in California and positioning to present the position paper below to the CA Legislature, which details the need for training, diagnosis, and services.  It requests a legislative task force be mandated.  Timing for a task force fits nicely with the introduction of S.2879 and H.R. 5790 - the Advancing FASD Research, Prevention, and Services Act.  Being proactive now will enable our state to apply for grants and funds when they become available.



We need signatures supporting the creation of a legislative task force from professionals such as doctors, mental health providers, social workers, criminal justice professionals, and educators. The legislature must recognize that FASD is a critical issue to California and that there is support for such a task force.

Work with people with FASD in any of these fields?

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Our stories are powerful and they matter. Please share yours if you would like to see:

  • Educated professionals  

  • Appropriate healthcare

  • Qualification for special education

  • Automatic support of our adults

  • Confidence in the future 

  • Statistics change

  • Acknowledgment of the disorder

NOFAS Northern California

Determined for Change

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