Help build awareness before the position paper makes it's way to the CA Legislature.  Let our politicians know FASD exists and that there are voters affected by it.  Numbers matter - PLEASE SHARE!

Get FASD on their RADAR!


These assembly members make up the Select Committee on DD & ID disabilities.  Why not send them a note and ask them what they are doing to bring services to the 2MM plus people in CA with FASD - the largest known cause of DD & ID in the US?  And while you're at it let them know how this invisible disability affects your life and those around you!

Click on the names to go to the contact page

Why aren't there services in my area?


Wondering why your child can't qualify for an IEP, get a diagnosis or any services related to FASD when treatment is diagnosis-specific?

Working in a related field?


Send a note to help these assembly members make the connection between FASD and their committee.

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How Can We Help?     

Email: nofasnorcal@gmail.com

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